Hatha Yoga in English

Every Wednesday, you can join our Hy English

Hatha Yoga group for English speaking persons.

Simply because there are regular requests for English language lessons.


Address: Lasonderstraat 3. 
Lessons start at 18:00 until 19:30, so be present around 17:50.

This lesson will be given by Anand Mahangoe.

You can first contact us by the right side bar.

The reason for this lesson is simple, more and more students or others, who don’t speak Dutch properly ask us to join in for Hatha Yoga. Anand is a good Yogateacher and he speaks very well English. He has time on Wednesday. Therefore, for you all: Please contact us soon, we will invite you for a trial lesson.

Anand Virabhadraanand vasisthaAnand urdhva padma in sarvangAnand padmasana